Strategic Materials and Recovery Technologies


SMaRT Center director was invited to speak at the conference held by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Rick Honaker, professor of mining engineering and the director of the SMaRT Center, was invited and presented as a keynote speaker at the 21st Annual Kentucky Environmental Conference. The conference, organized by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, aimed to discuss various environmental issues in Kentucky and promote sustainable solutions.

DoE's Dr. Douglas Wicks to discuss energy transition and the renaissance of American mining at University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is pleased to announce that Dr. Douglas Wicks, a leading expert in energy and mining and a Program Director at the Department of Energy's (DoE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), will be visiting the campus and giving a seminar on March 29, 2023. Dr. Wicks’ talk will be titled "Catalyzing the Renaissance of American Mining to Enable the Energy Transition" and will be held in the Mining and Minerals Research Building (MMRB) Room 102 from 3 to 4 PM. The seminar is open to the UK community and the public.

DoE invests $3.5M on a SMaRT Center project for carbon- negative mineral production

Department of Energy (DoE) Advanced Research Projects Agency- Energy (ARPA-E) has announced that the University of Kentucky SMaRT Center proposal entitled "Development of a Carbon-Negative Process for Comminution Energy Reduction and Energy-Relevant Mineral Extraction through Carbon Mineralization and Biological Carbon Fixation" has been selected for a $3.5 million award.

It’s only natural: SMaRT Center to investigate separation and purification of rare-earth elements by microorganisms

Using naturally occurring and engineered proteins and bacteria, the University of Kentucky in a team with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and other academic and industrial partners will separate and purify rare-earth elements.

The SMaRT Center has Received National and International Recognition

UK researchers have granted attention for their role in developing methods needed to extract rare earths and other critical elements.